Bryn Shander

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Bryn Shander
The Largest Town in the Ten Towns

Population: 886

1.The White Scrimshaw: Four-storey Inn owned by Old Sal (The White Scrimshaw)
2.The Troutstott Trading Company: Large general goods store, largest trade company in the Ten Towns
3.The Chapel of Waukeen: Small chapel to the God of Trade, offers aid, sermons, and healing to the village. Priest Proctor (Cleric of Waukeen)
4.Filandra’s Tannery: Leatherworking workshop where Charlie apprenticed for awhile.
5.Trade Square: Located near The Troustott Trading Company, a huge clearing where trade caravans congregate throughout the warmer months in Bryn Shander.

Bryn Shander

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