The Realms

Session One

The Story Begins...

Session One: Bryn Shander

Marpenoth 23rd

Ragrag and Ilayland find themselves in The White Scrimshaw Inn, the largest and most well-known Inn in Bryn Shander. Kal Blackthorn enters, and after an altercation with two thugs in the employ of the Troutstotts, the three find themselves trusting one another.

Old Sal is embarrassed that the party has discovered he owes 5000 gold pieces to the Troutstotts, but Ragrag and Ilayland are convinced that they held off the debt for at least a month by intimidating one of the goons in the back alley.

The party stays the night.

Marpenoth 24th

Kal, Ragrag and Ilayland find themselves having breakfast with one another, and after a rumour about the absent Magistrate in Easthaven, decide that it might be a good idea and see if they can find some work unravelling the mystery.

They set off to the Trade Square to find a wagon, but find it slow and empty this day.

A strange old man is there, sitting on a sack. Out of nowhere he disappears, and reappears moments later next to Ilayland. The magic-user is suddenly afflicted by a yellow fog clouding his vision, and a queer sense of illness washes over him. In a flash, the old man disappears, leaving behind a wooden box that Ragrag opens.

Inside are four vials. In a desperate attempt to cure himself, Ilayland drinks one of the vials and starts glowing blue.

At this time, Charlie the elven taylor happens upon the party in the clearing. She waves to Kal, who relates to her their need to get back to Easthaven. After thinking about it for a moment, she heads back to her new employer Filandra the Tanner to see if she can help Charlie and the others get back to her hometown of Easthaven.

Filandra relates that Tomas is leaving for Easthaven in two days for a delivery, and is sad to see Charlie go.

The party meets back at the Inn, and heads off to Priest Proctor (Cleric of Waukeen) at the chapel to see if he can help Ilayland with this strange illness. Ilayland realizes that he cannot remember how to cast magic missile…

Proctor gravely states that the queer old man is Mad Meeram, a hermit wizard that sometimes appears in town and once apprenticed under the great wizard Illyrium, who created a Spell of Forgetfulness… There is a monument to the old wizard one day north of town

Proctor also relates that sadly, the last person to be afflicted with the spell of Forgetfulness went mad within two weeks…



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